Join us for these upcoming tours in 2015

Join us for these upcoming tours in 2015...

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Road Testing Tours in Vietnam

Want to get a taste of local life in Hoi An? Our team is currently on tour and have been filling us in on their adventure!

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Uniting Journeys Grants Program

Love to travel? Appreciate culture? Want to make a difference wherever you go?

Uniting Journeys want to make your 'Responsible Travel' dream a reality! Applications are now open for $10,000 group travel grants — all you need to do is present your responsible travel idea, and your group could be part funded to go to Cambodia, Laos or Vietnam!


Responsible Non-Travel?

The following is a guest post by Lea Trafford.

Post the sentencing in Egypt this week of three journalists I received an email from to take action to free the journalists in Egypt.


Bottled Water – can we find a silver lining?

We Westerners are told to stop using single use plastic bottled water - it’s an environmental disaster causing cubic miles of plastic waste, and it’s expensive (several thousand times the price of tap water in Melbourne).  Our environmental and ethical duty in Australia is probably to buy a re-usable drink bottle and use tap water to refill it.

But once in a developing country, this can be practically impossible!

Escorted Tour

Cambodia – resettlement destination for refugees?

The following is a guest post by:
Peter Norden AO
Adjunct Professor, Global, Urban and Social Studies, R.M.I.T. University & former Jesuit Priest who has worked on human rights issues in many countries

Twitter: @melbournepeter

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