Useful Tips for Responsible Travel

Some useful tips when travelling overseas:

1. Community Based Tourism Initiatives and homestays are a great way to support the local communities you’re visiting. Research these accommodation options and immerse yourself in local culture.

2. Regardless of destination, think about how much waste you are producing. Many countries don’t have proper waste disposal facilities. Buy products with less packaging and try to reuse what you already have such as refillable drink bottles.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is responsible travel?
Responsible travel minimizes negative impacts and maximizes positive impacts on host communities.

2. Can you always travel responsibly?
Many people believe it is impossible to travel responsibly. In some areas of the world, depending on your itinerary that may be true. However, you can have a more positive impact on the community and environment you are visiting. These can be simple things like supporting worthwhile community projects.

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