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The ‘untouched’ parts of the world are slowly being destroyed

A friend of mine recently returned from a holiday in Thailand.  It wasn’t how she’d remembered it years ago and it evoked all sorts of emotions. The places that were once quite pristine and untouched had drastically changed. The tranquillity had vanished from these beautiful locations and they were now famous tourist hot spots. Quiet, much loved havens by the locals, now taken over by a massive influx of tourists.

These once quiet beaches were now packed, littered and the peace, well that was gone.

The tragedy in all of this is that after one magical location becomes ‘tired’, ‘busy’ and no longer ‘tranquil’, we are very quick to find another pocket of the untouched. It doesn’t take long for the undiscovered to become another massive tourist attraction and the cycle starts again.

Our desire to want more of the ‘authentic’ is destroying local communities that live there.  The tourist influx may create some financial benefit, but the very environment in which the locals live loses everything they once loved about it.

I think we all need to tread a little lighter and travel with a curious mind, but always remembering the fundamental values of travel and that is that you are a ‘guest’.

I stumbled upon an article this week that discusses this very issue.  You can read about this here.


Adele Pargeter – Uniting Journeys


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