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Tips to Travelling Responsibly

The way we travel is always a little different isn’t it? Is it a family holiday or a business trip a solo journey or celebratory trip, every type of holiday comes with different ways on how we can travel responsibly.

For business reasons you may be forced to stay in more commercial hotels, with children perhaps they want a large resort with pools, we understand that every journey we do is different.  What we should try and do in scenarios like these is look for how other parts of our journey can be responsible.  For example where we eat, get out of the commercial hotel and explore the area find a quaint local family run restaurant or where we buy our souvenirs from, ensure they are locally made, how we talk and connect with the local people, smile, learn some simple phrases, be kind and have respect, what transport we use, can we hop on a train or some hotels even have bikes guests can use and travel like a local, are we going to places that may entice us to interact with exotic animals, can we do some sightseeing, these are all things we can in most cases we have influences over, it is also a great conversation to have with other people.

I recently went on a trip to Thailand, where our friends played and rode the Elephants.  Trying to have a conversation with our children in basic terms saying that riding them isn’t being kind to the Elephants was a difficult for two reasons, one how do you explain to them that the Elephants may not be treated well and two their friends look like they were having so much fun!  It can be tough, but these conversations are worth having.

I also struggle with how some people admit to knowing that what they are doing isn’t ethical but still choose to do it anyway?  Is it for fear of missing out and capturing for what they may perceive to be a cool picture?


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