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Mannar Sri Lanka and the Donkeys Tour

14-28th Oct 2016

Mannar (Donkeytown) in Sri Lanka is renown for its Hindu temples, mosques and churches. We have been working with this remarkable developing community for some years now. This two week journey of history, faith and culture will be about furthering the close relationships we have in the community of Mannar.

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    A Spirited Passage to India

    Oct/Nov 2018

    Travel to Andhra Pradesh in South Eastern India and work alongside members of the Liora Project who are working to free local women from indentured labour and help them develop critical life skills. Andhra Pradesh will not disappoint, set amidst tropical forests, hills, caves and rivers and Pondicherry is always a wonder.

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      Trekking Ladakh India Tour

      Dates TBC 2018

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      An adventurous trek in the Himalayan hinterlands suited to a variety of people, this is a diverse journey designed for differing levels of experience. Stunning scenery and great opportunities to share this unique culture.

      A fully supported walk (your packs will be carried on mule-back, tents erected before you arrive, and meals prepared for you) designed to create friendships among the people who live their lives on the top of the world.

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        East Timor Tour


        Dates September 2016

        This is an exploratory tour of East Timor with a focus on re-building relationships with communities and investigating opportunities for future tours involving school students in collaborative programs. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please contact us. Click through to download the itinerary today.

        Status: Closed

          Middle East Tour – Iran, Jordan, Palestine & Israel

          April 2016

          Join us on our upcoming tour of the Middle East, where we journey to the following destinations:

          Iran - ancient towns, magnificent mosques and trading routes that date back more than 2,500 years. Iran is a true travel gem with its fabulous palaces, highly decorated mosques, exciting bazaars and gracious friendly people.

          Jordan - a land of antiquity and the origins of faiths. Explore Roman architecture, crusader castles and Christian mosaics and the famous UNESCO world heritage site of Petra.

          Palestine and Israel - tour the Holy Land of Israel and Palestine, the spiritual home of the world’s three monotheistic faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The old cities of Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem, the Sea of Galilee, and the Jordan River are just a few of the many places you will visit on this journey that will stir the soul, challenge perceptions and arouse wonder.

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            Experience India Tour

            April 7th-21st, 2016

            Join us for a journey that combines sight-seeing with support for a Health Clinics program in North India.

            Part of Uniting Journeys ‘responsible travel’ initiative, this 14-day tour takes in majestic New Delhi, golden Amritsar, historic Shimla and spiritual Dharamsala (cricket ground included.)

            This time we'd like some people to join us to HELP BUILD A LOW WALL in front of the Field Office (not obligatory)

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            Status: Closed
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