Our Story

Our Uniting Journey

Imagine if we all, every time we travel, travel in “responsible” ways.

  • Imagine how as business travellers, adventurers and holidaymakers we can maximise positive effects in the communities we visit.

  • Imagine how we can reduce cultural impact, support local development, reduce environmental impact, support local communities and fair trade initiatives.

  • Imagine if doing all this is as easy as choosing our airline, or offsetting our carbon offsets when we book a flight.


Uniting Journeys is an exciting new initiative with exactly these goals. Guilt free travel! And it’s easy!


Originally a shared initiative of an Australian owned travel provider Jetaway Travel Pty Ltd and the Commission for Mission of the Uniting Church in Australia (Victoria and Tasmania) Uniting Journeys was created offering well researched travel opportunities for people who think deeply about their travel.

Today Uniting Journeys still exists with its travel provider Jetaway Travel and a group of like minded people who are passionate about Responsible Travel and connecting with others.

Uniting Journeys are competitively priced adventures in small groups, using accommodation options, transport services, suppliers of meals, entertainment, services and even shopping jaunts that are as ethically sound as our current research can recommend.

Because we are constantly improving and developing our offerings, each tour has a local guide and on occasion, an experienced and carefully chosen host/conversation partner who will come along on the tour to give feedback and monitor our providers, and advocates for responsible travel initiatives.

People who journey with us continually contribute by feeding back updates for the database of products and services we use and recommend. (If you know of ethical travel options, let us know. If we agree we’ll link to them in our communications, or try and get a Uniting Journeys group there.)

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