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Uniting Journeys offer escorted journeys to a variety of destinations around the world.  We have strong relationships with our tour guides abroad and all our travellers will tour with a conversation partner who can offer insight and guidance along the way.  These journeys are a fantastic way to make new friends and offer opportunities to truly connect with the locals overseas.

We offer guilt free travel that’s exciting as well as meaningful. We provide affordable and attractive travel opportunities that are ethical and responsible. Uniting Journeys believes that with the privilege of travel comes commensurate responsibility – especially when travelling in less developed countries.

For more than ten years the Commission for Mission has been exploring travel as a means to foster the wider practice of tolerance, inclusion, social justice and environmental concerns.

Five years ago the seeds of Uniting Journeys were planted and a partnership between a community of interested people and Jetaway Travel (our preferred suppliers) was formed.

Now an emerging social enterprise, Uniting Journeys currently works with individuals, schools and community groups to tailor make and support journeys to their requirements, based soundly on responsible travel principles.

The number of groups travelling with us grows each year. So far, groups have travelled to Cambodia, north and south India, Laos, Thailand, Timor Leste, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Spain and Portugal. We are always interested in opportunities to build respectful relationships in new destinations, and have plans to branch out into the Pacific region in 2017.

Almost without exception travellers have rated the relationships developed with fellow travellers as the most important outcome of their journey.

Siem Reap, Cambodia - December 2, 2015: People At The Main Entra

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